Door to Door Worldwide

Established in 2001, Boxman has extensive experience with worldwide door-to-door service.

We are located in Stavanger, situated on Norway’s west coast. The international flavor of the region stems from the dominance of the oil and gas industry and NATO/US Element/JWC. Every year thousands of people move in and out from all over the world. The demand for international removal services is therefore high.

Boxman provides a full-service approach to international moves. This includes packing, customs advice, help with paperwork and customs forms, customs handling export and import, temperature controlled storage for short- and long term storage, crating of fine arts and precious design furniture.

Shipments are loaded into 1×20′ or 1×40′ containers. Smaller shipments are loaded into custom built crates or specialized wooden crates, called liftvans, with a standard size of 6 m3 each. Boxman is a specialist in packing, handling and shipping of liftvans worldwide and is licensed by the Norwegian authorities to produce and mark wood packaging materials in accordance with ISPM 15.

Our membership in the IAM agent network enables us to provide a safe and high quality door-to-door move to any corner globally.