Agent network by IAM

Boxman is an overseas member of the International Association of Movers (IAM), which is the moving industry’s largest global trade association. With more than 2000 members, it comprises companies that provide moving, forwarding, shipping, logistics and related services in more than 170 countries. Since 1962, IAM has been promoting the growth and success of it’s members by offering programs, resource and membership protections and unparalleled networking opportunities to enhance their businesses and their brands. IAM’s headquarters is currently located in Alexandria, VA, a suburb of Washington DC. (

Code of Ethics of the International Association of Movers

The following Code of Ethics provides IAM members with a set of guidelines to assist them in understanding the difference between “right” and “wrong” and in applying that understanding to their dealings with clients and other IAM members.

  • Members shall acknowledge and respect the cultural differences among all members
  • Members shall conduct business in a responsible and professional manner
  • Members shall deal fairly with all customers, Association members, and other business entities
  • Members shall adhere to a policy of honesty and integrity in accordance with generally accepted principles of professional conduct.
  • Members shall be forthright and truthful in their professional communications.
  • Members shall abide by all lawful agreements to which they are a party, including agreements with customers, the Association and Association members.
  • Members shall pay their obligations. Members shall strive to comply with all applicable laws and governmental regulations.
  • A Members shall not compete unfairly with other Members. Members shall refrain from engaging in any activity which discredits the Association or any of its Members.